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A one stop Livestock health and production support company; we aim at providing relevant, yet affordable solutions that reduces the stress of the challenges faced by farmers and stake holders in the livestock production sector of the country’s economy.

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The company is uniquely staffed and structured to provide highly professional services and inputs targeted at solving the problems endemic in the industry thus adding real value that ultimately ensures enhanced efficiency and profitability with the least stress!

Diversay Solutions Limited was incorporated in February 2008, our mission is both simple and singular, helping farmers and stake holders achieve a high level of visible efficiency in livestock production operations without the attendant stress that use to accompany such achievement. This mission was informed by a careful analysis of the industry as constituted prior to the advent of the company.

The perennial input crisis coupled with the challenges of disease outbreaks such as the dreaded avian influenza diseases understandably sounded the death knell for a lot of farms that were poorly managed.

For the professionally managed farms, the crisis was not always such that they could combat alone or internally, so the real solution to apply to ensure profitability in the face of the crisis is to increase efficiency in operation so as to boost production to compensate for the increase cost of operation occasioned by the perennial crisis.
They also want to do this with the least fuss and stress hence Diversay Solutions Limited.

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