The Menace of Avian influenza virus

The bird flu virus, as it is more commonly known, is carried by infected but asymptomatic free-flying ducks, geese and other aquatic fowl migrants. The highly pathogenic avian influenza virus has resulted in the death of many birds since mid, 2015.

The predominant theory is that the virus enters poultry farms by means of fecal droppings and windborne feathers from infected waterfowl, but people, too, can introduce the virus to farms on contaminated shoes, shared equipment and vehicles.

Prevention :
According to NCBI Resources, five different disinfectants was tested on AIV ;Phenolic disinfectant ,Quaternary ammonium, Peroxygen, Sodium hypochlorite .They were all found active in inactivating AIV in their recommended doses with Peroxygen (Viracid-S) having the highest efficacy.