ANIMAL HEALTHCutting edge solutions

Under this division, DSL deploys highly relevant and effective veterinary drugs, vaccines and additives at very affordable prices to farmers and stakeholders all over the country via a network of distributors complemented by our trained technical Sales Representatives.

BIOSECURITYIt’s natural to us

In DSL we live biosecurity. This unit has a mandate to provide farms with the latest in microbe control sciences markets the company disinfectant range, water sanitizer and other hygiene solutions. The disinfectants marketed by DSL are the latest available with cutting edge microbe control sciences.

CONSULTINGSmart choices

Our consulting arm provides bespoke services to clients with regards to design, construction, staffing and management of livestock farms. We can deliver on “Build-Operate-Transfer” models, Turn-key projects, Feasibility studies and Business advisory services.

EQUIPMENTOperational efficiency