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Diversay Solutions Limited is a one-stop livestock health and production support company. We aim at providing relevant, yet affordable solutions that reduces the stress of the challenges faced by farmers.
The company is uniquely staffed and structured to provide highly professional services. Our inputs are targeted at solving endemic and evolving problems in the industry.

What We Do


– It’s natural to us
In DSL we live biosecurity. This unit has a mandate to provide farms with the latest in microbe control sciences markets the company disinfectant range, water sanitizer and other hygiene solutions. The disinfectants marketed by DSL are the latest available with cutting edge microbe control sciences.


 – Smart Choices
Our consulting arm provides bespoke services to clients with regards to design, construction, staffing and management of livestock farms. We can deliver on “Build-Operate-Transfer” models, Turn-key projects, Feasibility studies and Business advisory services.


– Operational efficiency
Diversay Solutions Limited was incorporated in February 2008, our mandate is simple and singular; helping farmers and stakeholders achieve a high level of visible efficiency in livestock production operations.
For the professionally managed farms, the real solution to ensure profitability in the face of the crisis is to increase efficiency in operation so as to boost production to compensate for the increase cost of operation occasioned by the perennial crisis.
 They also want to do this with the least fuss and stress hence Diversay Solutions Ltd.


Our Laboratory division handles laboratory services for all cadres of farmers. We understand the complexity of issues with your farm and your livestock’s health. We work with you to ensure that your livestock business stays healthy; giving you one less thing to worry about.

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